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 Philosophy & Strategies
NIVE offers internationally recognised vocational qualifications that industry, business and commerce understand and respect, and that employer's support. BTEC philosophy extends beyond an internationally recognised qualification that embraces modularisation, flexibility and progression.

BTEC represents an effective, holistic process of vocational education that engages students, lecturers and stakeholders in the educational process by means of continuous assessment, integrated vocational assignments, and vocational experience. BTEC qualifications are aligned with respective industry or business standards.

An important aspect of NIVE’s philosophy is to provide a quality education through the development of client-oriented programmes. The programmes offered by NIVE have the following features:

  • They are modular in nature, with multiple entry points.
  • They are learner-oriented and designed to maximise the
    inherent potential of the learners.
  • They combine theory with practice and foster the work
    ethic expected by employers.
An important aspect of NIVE programmes is a Core Life Skills component. In addition to taking academic or vocational courses, students are required to develop essential Core Life Skills. These skills are integrated into the programmes. These are skills that employers consider to be highly important in the workplace.

The Core Life Skills areas that all students must develop are:

Generic description

Detailed description


Collecting, analysing, organising and applying information in a given context


Communicating information, concepts and ideas

Self Organization  

The entrepreneurial spirit, creativity, and discovery, and the ability to self-organization, and the organization of events and activities.

Working with others

Working with others in teams, includes but not limited to leadership

Mathematical/problem solving

Solving problems including using mathematical ideas and techniques

Technology (ICT)

Applying information and communication technologies


Participating in social and civil life including ethical practice 

An educational strategy for NIVE is to expose students systematically to a positive and professional work ethic.

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