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Work Placement Learning
A requirement of NIVE programmes is that students complete a period of Work Placement Learning. This learning period requires 6 weeks during which the students are expected to practice in the workplace those skills they acquired at NIVE, thus gaining valuable ‘hands on’ experience and exposure to the real nature and environment of the ‘world of work’.

The main objectives of Work Placement Learning are to:

  • Broaden the student’s awareness of workplace practice.
  • Provide the student with relevant practical experience.
  • Establish and maintain contacts between NIVE and people in key positions in the private and public sectors.
  • Maintain strong links with employers.
  • Monitor employers’ requirements and adjust NIVE services and programmes accordingly.
  • Promote NIVE services and activities with industry.
  • Satisfy awarding body requirements.


Assessment integrity is maintained by a commitment to the following principles:

  • Assessment is based on internationally recognised vocational standards.
  • Assessment of competence is based on performance criteria.
  • Continuous assessment is conducted in both education and work environments.
  • Assessment is conducted by qualified assessors.
  • All assessments are sample-checked by qualified internal verifiers to confirm that they meet the assessment criteria, in particular validity, consistency and objectivity.
  • Feedback from students provides a basis for the evolving learning and assessment strategies.


It is the practice at NIVE to have its programmes evaluated by both students and employers. Results of these programme evaluations, which are moderated by professional external evaluators, show consistently high levels of satisfaction. NIVE is firmly client-oriented. programmes are developed to meet the needs of clients, particularly the employers and students. Once there is agreement on programme objectives, the experience of NIVE staff in developing and delivering curricula is available to the client. This approach has enabled NIVE to develop high quality education programmes to meet the needs of a variety of clients from a wide range of organisations.

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